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Aegis - Changes : 11/25/2012

AxisLegacy, Nov 24, 12 3:12 PM.

As many of you may know in this last month we've grown in numbers , activity as well as individually and in turn we (Me and the deputies as well as some other older members) have been discussing how to improve the legion , at the moment we aren't much more then an expanded buddy list/chat system and this has it's advantages however we'd like to make the legion better and here are the ideas we have and are implementing.

I'd like to note ahead of time, this is not something set in stone and if you do not like , flat out disagree , wish it were slightly different or have anything to say about this in any way at all PLEASE! PLEASE! mention it now, talk to me or the deputies in game  , email me , post a comment down below , the legion is the members that make it, not the leaders . We as leaders are here to do the managing behind the scenes, settle disputes and try to keep things going smooth but we cannot take credit for your achievements or participation so in essence without YOU as a member WE do not exist, we're the sum of many I's and You's and without them Aegis is just a title above your character's name.

That being said , These are the following changes that will be going into effect this month.

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